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MT4 Indicators and Add Ons

Customisable efficiency and simplicity. The most popular trading indicators provide you with clear and precise trade signals.
Whatever market you trade, indicators will guide your trading strategy.
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What Are MT4 Indicators & Add Ons? 

MT4 indicators are a mathematical calculation of the price, time or volume, that will give you either a leading or lagging trade signal. 

They’re vital tools to ensure you get the best out of your MT4 platform and your ATFX account. They help you recognise price patterns and can add extra confirmation to your trading strategy.

MT4 add ons are tools you can use to customise your trading experience. They simplify and make your trading more efficient.   

MT4 also comes preloaded with a variety of suggested trading strategies

Known as EAs (expert advisors) to the MT4 community. They’re essentially an algorithm that trades for you.

You can create them (if you’re handy at coding) or you can borrow one created by other MT4 users.


What Are The Best MT4 Indicators? 

Choosing the best MT4 indicator depends on your trading style, your strategy and ultimately your goals. 

For example, a day trader might apply a different series of indicators than a swing trader. It’s a case of finding what you like, testing it and sticking to it.

There’s no such thing as a right or wrong way. Experiment on MT4 with the built-in indicators to establish which work for you. There are more than 2,000 indicators that can be used on MT4.

As we mentioned, identifying the best is difficult because everyone has an opinion and there’s a lot. What we will do, is show you the most popular indicators, those that are used regularly on both MT4 and other platforms.


Trading Central

Trading central is an award-winning service that offers a multitude of functionality. This includes premium MetaTrader indicators that can be applied directly to your platform.

Once added, you'll have access to a host of advanced indicators, which will give you clear and concise market signals. These include alpha generation indicators, featured ideas, TC economic insight and TC market buzz.

Trading Central logo


Autochartist is another provider that offers additional advanced indicators. Available as a plugin for MT4, you can add a number of indicators that will make your trading more efficient.

From market scanners to risk calculators, Autochartist will give you that extra confirmation that other indicators do not.

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Pivot points 

These help you identify critical areas of support and resistance of price, which can be used to identify trade entries and exits. 



Moving averages

Illustrate how the price has moved from its mean position, perhaps over a 21, 50, or 100 day period. As price always returns to the mean, this can be used to predict future price movements.




Helps you to establish the relative strength of recent price movement. This is often used to identify when a trend starts to lose momentum and slow down. 



Bollinger bands 

They’re an oscillator indicator measuring price volatility, helping you to identify if the price is high or low in comparison to the recent price behaviour.




Fibonacci tools 

Based on the key numbers identified by mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in the 13th century. It helps you identify levels for entry and exit. 



Average true range 

This measures market volatility by comparing to a predetermined ranges volatility. As the probability of exceeding this range is low, it helps confirm trade targets and stop losses.



On balance volume 

This indicates whether volume is flowing in or out of a given asset and is displayed below the chart. This helps determine the strength of a market and can give insight into the start and end of a trend.




This shows you the convergence or divergence of moving averages. Essentially helping you decide whether a trend is likely to continue or come to an end.


MT4 Indicator FAQs

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Metatrader 4 indicators and add ons.

How To Add Indicators To MT4

Adding MT4 indicators to your chart is a straightforward process. It only takes four simple steps:
  • Access your MT4 platform and choose an asset chart. 
  • Go to the navigation window on the left and scroll down the menu to indicators. 
  • Simply select the indicator you want to use and drag and drop it onto your chart. 
  • Determine the settings of the indicator and hit OK.


Can I Create Custom Indicators?

Yes, you can create custom indicators. But the vast majority of MT4 users will select a small group from the thousands of free custom indicators available.
Generally, only advanced traders use the full capacity of the MT4 platform and the MQL language to create their custom indicators. And many just adjust current indicators from the standard settings. 
To add a custom indicator you will need to do the following:
  • Locate the MT4 custom indicator from your computer.  
  • Open the data folder on MT4 (File → Open Data Folder).
  • Open the MQL4 file then the indicators folder.
  • Copy the custom indicator from your computer into this folder.
  • Restart MT4.
  • Locate custom indicators in the navigator panel.

Where Should MT4 Indicators be Placed?

Each indicator will automatically be placed either over the chart or underneath as an oscillator.
Placing MT4 indicators on your chart couldn’t be simpler. As previously explained, you select the technical indicator you wish to use, click it, drag and drop it onto your chart.

What Support and Resistance MT4 Indicators Can I Use?

Support and resistance levels are some of the most important indicators to help predict market direction. MT4 has several indicators that can help in identifying major levels.
There are two specific indicators you can use for support and resistance levels, they’re called the ‘support and resistance indicator’ and ‘support resistance’.
Otherwise, there are several other indicators that provide valid levels of support and resistance but aren’t considered solely support and resistance indicators. These include; pivot points, Camarilla, Fibonacci, plus lots more.

It’s essential that traders not only familiarise themselves with MT4 as a primary trading platform but also begin to explore its full capability. Financial trading is a personal business; not all strategies suit individual characters or their personalities.  

ATFX and MT4 have developed an ideal partnership to benefit you. You don’t have to search the internet for the most popular, robust, stable and accurate trading platform, because MT4 is it. 

Open your MT4 account here to begin your trading.