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Live Trading Account

Your ATFX live trading account provides multiple channels to access financial markets and offers exclusive advantages that improve your trading experience.

What is a Live Trading Account

A live trading account allows a trader to access and participate in financial markets using real money instead of a demo or practice account where the funds are virtual.

A live trading account can trade multiple financial instruments such as stocks, forex, commodities, and more. It can be personalized based on the trader’s experience, goals, and tolerance for risk. All transactions made in a live trading account occur in real-time, with any profits or losses being genuine and available to withdraw or reinvest.

Why Open a Live Trading Account With ATFX?

Fast Execution & Zero Commission
Trade Confidently With A Globally Recognised Broker
Excellent Dedicated Customer Support
Safe and Secure Funds In Reputable Banks

ATFX is regulated by the FCA, an authority that demands the highest standards of compliance. This means that you and your funds have the highest level of protection. Our adherence to strict protocols ensures security of your funds by using segregated accounts and ultimately gives you peace of mind.

How do Real Trading Accounts Work?

Live trading accounts allow traders to access financial markets to trade forex, stocks, and commodities. Simply fund your account and use MetaTrader 4 to place trades. The trading platform lets you view real-time market data, analyze charts and indicators, and execute trades.

As you place trades, the profits or losses are added or deducted from your account balance in real-time, and you can add and withdraw your funds. Your live trading account also offers various features and tools, such as risk management tools and educational resources, to help traders make informed trading decisions.

real trading account

How to Open a Live Trading Account ?

Fill in a simple online application form.
Provide identification to keep your account safe.
Fund your trading account.

All this can be completed within 24 hours. Once your trading account is open and you’re notified to make your initial deposit, you’re ready to trade.

Safety and Security

You and your funds have the highest level of protection at ATFX. Our adherence to strict protocols ensures the security of your funds by using segregated accounts and ultimately gives you peace of mind.

ATFX complies with all the strict regulatory requirements of our clients’ jurisdictions.

safe trading account

Open Your Real Trading Account

Connect to our team to get started. We’re ready to answer any queries you might have. Our business is built on putting you first, second, and third; our customer support does just that. Contact our dedicated team of highly knowledgeable professionals to explore your best options.

Register for a Live Trading Account


Open your account

Complete the Live Trading Account application form. Once we have verified identity, we will set up your account.


Fund your account

Deposit funds from a credit card, E-Wallet or bank transfer to start trading.

Start trading

Trade on every device, including PC, Android, iPad and iPhone or via web browser.


The Firm has taken the decision to cease providing services to retail clients, with immediate effect. We are therefore unable to accept any applications.

Services to professional clients will not be impacted. For professional applications please contact [email protected]