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Latest Market Analysis

Our award-winning analyst team provides in-depth, astute technical and fundamental analysis. It’s delivered to you as articles, webinars, broadcasts, newsletters and e-books. You can pick your preference.

Market News And Technical Analysis

Confirm your trade ideas. Inform your trading decisions. And update your market knowledge.

Our market analysis includes both fundamental and technical approaches to give you the best oversight of the financial markets. All major markets are covered including forex, commodities, indices, equities, cryptocurrencies, plus more.

Trading Strategies

We can’t trade for you. But we can publish trading strategy ideas.

Learn advanced strategies and compare with your own. Experiment and test on your MT4 platform to create your personalised trading strategy.

Forex Forecast

Forecasting forex market moves is vital to your progress as a trader. Accessing our market reports will keep you up to date with everything you need. You can’t be right 100% of the time, but you can be better informed to make better decisions.

Forecasts are based on various fundamental factors including macroeconomic, microeconomic and geopolitical risk, as well as technical indicators.

Financial Events

No matter what financial market event it is, we’ve got it covered. Our top analyst team pore over all upcoming events to pinpoint which could make the markets move. Political events, central bank meetings, IPOs, anything that could affect your positions.

Be forewarned, and you’re forearmed.

Economic Calendar

Prepare for key global commercial and financial news releases due for the coming week.

We grade the events to make your life easier. High – more likely to impact the market and any positions you have. Low – less likely to impact the market and positions you have.

Market News

Market news around the clock. Our expert analysts publish a constant stream of news articles to ensure you’re up to speed with the latest developments.

All major financial markets are covered, so it’s your one-stop place for immediate market updates.

Markets move in sync with economic news. It’s always good for you to know which news release has moved which market, and why.

To improve your forecasts, understand what’s coming up and what’s likely to move markets. Sign up to all our publications, broadcasts and webinars for reliable market analysis.

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