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How to Trade with Pivot Levels

28/1/20197:00pm GMT1 hour
Before the advent of computer-based trading, futures traders in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange S&P Futures pit had very little to technical information to guide their trading decisions. These floor traders devised simple support and resistance levels, based on the prior day’s trading, to help give them an edge in that physical and very competitive environment. And voilà, the pivot point indicator was born.
Modern technical traders now use this simple indicator to help gauge, not only support and resistance (S&R) levels in FX, indices and commodities, but also to gauge market momentum.

Join us for this live an insightful webinar where you will learn:
• The what, why and how of the pivot point indicator;
• How to install the pivot point indicator in MT4 Desktop;
• A real-time demonstration by a full time, experienced trader assessing market momentum and reading the key S&R levels on some of the current hot markets.
• Have all your trading related questions answered in this engaging and helpful webinar

Adam’s primary focus is in finding strong and established trends, no matter which market they are in. He happily trades across all instruments and on various time frames. He employs trading strategies that are sound and intuitive, and most of all, provide real, practical, sensible and consistent results. He joined the Trade With Precision team in early 2015, and is proud to be part of a company with the highest of standards in quality, integrity and goals.

As a trader, he is predominantly a Swing Trader, entering positions on the Daily, or 4-hourly timeframe, and is a fan of all asset classes, including the global indices, commodities, currencies and selected equities.

Adam also actively trades large funds for a few select firms in London, and is fortunate enough to do a lot of this on his own time, leaving him free to pursue other passions, one of which includes mentoring and transferring any lessons he has learned over the years to other enthusiastic individuals going down the same path.