Jan 02, 2018

It is a great affirmation of our commitment and hard work when renowned sources showcase our achievements to demonstrate how to get it right in the world of financial trading. So, you can imagine how thrilling it was to have ATFX (UK), featuring in the latest Trading Strategies Supplement of The Times, in an article that focused on the importance of excellence in customer service.

ATFX has definitely made a name for itself with its unparalleled customer support. The article on The Times said that given the intense competition in the financial markets, the only way to drive growth and profits is through customer-centric services. We, at ATFX, have always firmly believed in this philosophy, placing the needs of our clientele before anything else, through our personalized services and a focus on customer satisfaction. And recognition of this effort by The Times is one of the most meaningful rewards.

The Trading Strategies Supplement of The Times quote the representative of ATFX (UK) as saying, “We want to be the market leader in customer satisfaction, and this is driven by experienced, long-term professionals who have a true knowledge and understanding of what our clients want.” ATFX (UK) also stated that a key aspect of our customer service was ATFX’s commitment to providing localized customer support, through staff members who can communicate with clients in their mother tongue or the language the client is most comfortable in.

At ATFX, we well understand that not only has technology advanced in leaps and bounds, but the customer is very tech savvy today. This is why they are looking for trading portals and services that are transparent and state-of-the-art. Customer expectations are high, and the way to meet them is to strike a perfect balance between providing the latest technology solutions and personalized support. This is why we have ensured a secure and transparent trading platform, with customer services that are characterized by honesty and integrity. This has helped ensure that we offer not only the best online trading experience, but also build trust among our clientele.

Explaining all this, the representative of ATFX(UK) told The Times, “Previously, the most successful sales guys were those who had the best rapport with their clients and that came from face-to-face and over-the-phone contact. That industry has disappeared now, but it’s important not to forget the personal touch because that’s what builds loyalty and long-lasting relationships.”

In fact, our team has gone a step further. We take the time to understand the trading style and preferences of our individual clients, which is why we are able to tailor support to meet their specific needs. This is also why we chose to offer the most popular trading platform, MetaTrader, not only in its web version, but also its mobile-compatible variant.

We also want our clients to always have all the information they need on hand and an understanding of their preferred trading instruments to make informed decisions. In this context, The Times quoted the representative as saying, “Ensuring people know what they’re doing is crucial. You can’t give someone a product with no understanding of what it is, and I think the more education, discussion and transparency we can create, the better for the industry overall.”

The article in the latest Trading Strategies Supplement of The Times has been just the kind of affirmation we needed for us to continue to strive to be the best.

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