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Market Analysis and Investigation Before the corporation

  • Market outlook analysis
  • Business and profit forecast
  • Business capability and service inspection


Establish cooperation

  • Both parties sign up to train partners
  • Familiar with business operations
  • Prepare for market development


Training and services at the earlier stage

  • Advantages of ATFX
  • Introduce brokers’ intelligent management system
  • ATFX business processes
  • Discuss and develop brokers’ market expansion programs


Introduces the customers and provide the guidance

  • Introduce the customer and guide how to deposit
  • Provide guidance and services to customers
  • Provide technical trading system support to customers


Continued market and training support

  • Diversified marketing campaigns
  • Continuous partner training
  • 24 hour consultancy service


Training and Services at the late stage

  • Significant increase of operating results
  • Positive business operation development
  • Promote closer partnership

If you are interested in becoming a partner with ATFX, please fill in the below information and one of our dedicated team will contact you shortly.