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Client Portal

Your private trading work-space and the launch pad to all our services.

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A ground-breaking and truly advanced trading management experience

To gain access to the ATFX Client Portal, please log in or register here.

ATFX registration is a fully secure process using a PIN code sent to your mobile and email address.

Use the Client Portal to manage your personal profile, maintain regulatory requirements such as uploading proofs of address and other documents from your phone, control your wallet and trading account balances, make deposits and withdrawals.

The Client Portal is also used as a means to communicate important data and messages directly to you – it is our messenger service, the place for you to see you trading history and configure your dashboard to understand total balances, equity, P&L, leverages, open and closed positions and much more!

ATFX is building the ultimate solution for a regulated forex broker

Traders choose a regulated and authorised broker in order to trade with a trusted partner and in a safe environment.

ATFX is dedicated to pushing that bar of regulatory compliance higher than is required, to safeguard our traders and ensure a smooth an efficient trading experience.

The Client Portal pioneers video compliance to help us combat fraud, money laundering, identity theft etc.

Not only is this a fantastic tool but also speeds up the “approvals” process for you!

Full access from all devices

You may log in to the Client Portal from any device: desktop PC to Mac, smartphone or tablet. The site is fully responsive and adapts to your screen size. The only two requirements are to (1) register, and (2) have access to the internet.

Customise your Experience

Your Dashboard is a “drag and drop” screen; you choose which elements and tools to display. Create custom aliases for your trading accounts, update your profile knowledge and experience as you progress (unlocking additional offers and functions).

This is your trading journey – you define the experience.

Account funding

Super-fast and simple: select your funding type – to make a deposit or a withdrawal – confirm the amount and go!

The Client Portal is designed with you in mind, so you can efficiently and effectively get trading without hassle and red-tape.
So, what are you waiting for?

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