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Keith Lee

General Manager

Keith Lee

Mr. Lee has a Master Degree in Finance management and business management. He has over 7 years trading experiences in the fin-tech industry, specialized in the technical analysis of trading and the development of trading education course, it is to help newbie and traders to find their potential, as well as enthusiasm and successful way in the financial market. Besides, he also developed a series of training material for Introducing Brokers (IB), it is easy for them to have a direction and methodology to grow their business.

Introduction to Forex Trading: What is Forex? How to trade by using MT4 Trading Platform?

In the past, many people are less knowledge in Forex Trading result in shied away of people from Forex trading and investing in other financial markets.
This free Seminar is designed to sharing the basic of the Forex market and Forex trading to you. Moreover, our seminar participants will learn to trade by using the MT4 platform so you’ll be learning in the actual environment you’ll be trading in.

  • At the seminar, you will have a solid understanding the fundamental knowedge of the Forex market, Forex trading and MT4.