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How do I view all available product categories provided by ATFX?

Go to the “Market Offer” window, right-click and choose “Show All” to view all available product categories.

I already have downloaded MT4, how do I log in to my live account?

As soon as you have successfully deposited your principal, your account is activated, and the system provides you with a trading account, password and server data. You only have to enter the given account and password and choose the correct server to log in to your live account.

How do I change the password in MT4?

You can log in to the Client Portal or MT4 trading platform to change password.

How do I insert a chart indicator in ATFX MT4?

Please perform the following steps:

  1. Choose “Insert” > “Technical Indicator” on the top menu;
  2. Or you may insert “Technical Indicator” via “Navigation”.

How do I create studies on trend lines or other movements?

Please perform the following steps:

  1. Choose “Insert” at the top menu;
  2. Choose the trend line you want;
  3. Release the click, a cross hair icon appears of the selected trend line.

Move the cross hair on the selected chart, click the mouse and hold on to the click, and move the mouse to adjust the size of the trend line. The shortcut of line study can also be quickly accessed through clicking “Browse” > “Toolbar” > “Line Study”, and the icon appears under the menu bar. You may choose other options on the top of the screen by clicking the trend line, cross hair, or Fibonacci Retracement.

Is there a user manual for ATFX MT4?

Yes, please choose “Help” > “Help Topics”.

Which time zone is MT4 in?

The time zone on the MT4 trading platform is set to GMT+3 (Greenwich Mean Time).

The daylight saving will end on 28th October 2018 and the time zone on the trading platform will go back to GMT+2.

How do I choose user language in MT4?

Go to the top menu and choose View -> Languages -> e.g. Chinese (simplified) and then restart the software and the user language will be in simplified Chinese.

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