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The foreign exchange market trades many trillions of dollars every day and has become the most liquid and transparent trading market for investors of all sizes.

Your capital is at risk. You may lose more than you invest. Risk Policy.
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Core characteristics of ATFX Forex:

ATFX clients demand the best, and so we provide a ground-breaking Client Portal for managing your account, along with awesome order execution, tight spreads and robust leverages on an award-winning trading platform, MT4.

Low Spread

  • Competitive Low Spread
  • ATFX charges only spread which is the difference of ask and bid prices.

24/5 Non-stop forex trading!

  • 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Flexible Long/Short trading

Trade 31 currency pairs

  • We assist our traders to implement their own trading strategies based on 31 forex trading currency pairs, with localised expert support available 24/5.

STP Trading

  • Straight Through Processing (STP) Trading with the highest quality trade execution and minimal latency.

Practice Forex Trading

Free money to practice trading without any risk!

ATFX currency pairs

  • AUDUSD ✓
  • EURUSD ✓
  • GBPUSD ✓
  • NZDUSD ✓
  • USDCAD ✓
  • USDCHF ✓
  • USDJPY ✓
  • AUDCAD ✓
  • AUDCHF ✓
  • AUDJPY ✓
  • AUDNZD ✓
  • CADCHF ✓
  • CADJPY ✓
  • CHFJPY ✓
  • EURAUD ✓
  • EURCAD ✓
  • EURCHF ✓
  • EURGBP ✓
  • EURJPY ✓
  • EURNZD ✓
  • GBPAUD ✓
  • GBPCAD ✓
  • GBPCHF ✓
  • GBPJPY ✓
  • GBPNZD ✓
  • NZDCAD ✓
  • NZDCHF ✓
  • NZDJPY ✓
  • USDCNH ✓
  • USDHKD ✓
  • USDSGD ✓

Why invest in Forex?

FX has become the financial market with the world’s largest liquidity volume

The average daily turnover of FX market is up to 5 trillion USD. The volume of high liquidity is several times more than any stock market in the world. The high price volatility make it one of the most exciting markets for traders.

24-hour, non-stop long or short trading

The forex market is a genuine 24-hours a day, 5 days a week trading opportunity. It starts with the New Zealand markets opening followed by Sydney, then Tokyo, London and closes in New York. Forex refers to buy-in of one currency and sell-out of another currency. If the investor is optimistic about the trend of a certain currency, he or she may short/sell or go long/buy it. Investment opportunities in the FX market are the most flexible and abundant, no matter how bullish or bearish the market.

The world’s most fair and transparent trading market

Forex quote pricing may be influenced by macro international factors such as politics, military affairs, economic supply and demand, even the interest rates set by native central banks, stock market movements, economic environments and data, policies, various political elements and major incidents; all of which are beyond the control of individual investors or groups. Because the market is so vast, no one individual can manipulate and affect the whole, providing a fair and level playing field for investors around the global, of all sizes.

High liquidity

Participants in the forex market include banks, commercial institutions, central banks, investment banks, hedge funds, governments, issuers of banknotes, transnational organisations and private investors from many different countries. The high liquidity these participant generate (the amount of money available to buy or sell) provides a steady flow of investment opportunity.

Easy and convenient operation

Trading forex with ATFX is easy and convenient, trade anywhere from your mobile or desktop device, effortlessly managing your account and trading online.

The above core characteristics of the forex market continue to attract more and more investors.

The most popular currency pairs

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Your capital is at risk. You may lose more than you invest. Risk Policy.