Focus on February US durable goods orders

Switzerland’s March CPI monthly rate and the Eurozone’s February PPI monthly rate performance may affect the Swiss franc and the euro today. Following yesterday’s Eurozone manufacturing PMI, unemployment rate and CPl’s below market expectations, the market has already estimated that the Eurozone’s February PPI monthly rate data will slow down from last month, and the EURUSD has fallen below 1.1209 support. If the monthly PPI rate in the Eurozone remains unchanged or better, the EURUSD will positive. The US durable goods orders in February. Assuming the US dollar is weak, European currencies and other currencies against the US dollar are rising, and gold prices are also boosted after the US durable goods orders data.


1.1185/1.1170 support

1.1235/1.1250 resistance

The results of Brexit unstable lost European economic confidence and the euro is expected to maintain downside risks. However, the market expected in durable goods orders fall compared to last month, the euro will be rise. Technically, the short-term focus on the support 1.1185, or it may be 1.1170. Resistance levels are referenced between 1.1235 and 1.1250. Of course, if the Brexit puts forward with good news, the euro take the opportunity to rise but expects the resistance at 1.1270.



111.55/111.70 resistance

111.05/110.90 support

The US Dow’s rally continued, and Japanese Nikkei index is high, USDJPY rose. Technically, the USDJPY hit a 138.2% rebound and is expected to test the upper resistance at 111.55 and 111.70. If the global stock market continues to rise, it is expected to reach this resistance. However, US durable goods orders may fall, the USD could be fall, indirectly affecting the resistance fall. It is recommended to pay close attention to the performance of the US data, please paying attention to the Dow and the Nikkei index to help observe the trend of the USDJPY.


1298/1300 resistance

1285/1282 support

The market is watching the job market report released by the US. Technically, the gold prices remain below the resistance of $1,303. If the long-term adjustment waves, the gold prices can refer to the support level of $1280.55 and $1275.15. It is believed that the market will first observe the US job data and the Brexit, and then evaluate the market risk and determine the trend of gold prices. Please pay attention to the US durable goods orders and the British Parliament voted for the Brexit, which may drive the risk of rising gold prices. According to preliminary estimates, the price of gold is between the 1285 and 1282 support levels, and there is an opportunity for support.