01. How do I deposit funds into my trading account?

Login “my ATFX”, click “deposit”. Online banking remittance has no charge.

In addition, in order to get smoother service, we recommend customers to use IE (Internet Explorer) browser to login.

02. Can others deposit on behalf of the clients?

ATFX does not accept deposits from a third party.

03. How should I deposit a large amount of funds if the bank card has a payment limit?

If you cannot complete a larger amount of payment at once with the bank card limit, you can split the amount to deposit several times, and then contact our 24-hour online customer service to deal with.

04. What is withdrawal policy?

You can submit a withdrawal request at any time. If your first withdrawal hasn’t been dealt, you cannot submit the second withdrawal request. Usually, the fund will arrive in to your account on the same day if the withdrawal request is submitted before 16:30, otherwise the fund will arrive next day (except holidays).

05. How much will be charged to deposit and withdraw?

The Company generally does not charge the deposit and withdrawal fee, except for the following circumstances:

5% of withdrawal amount (minimum 5 USDs) would be charged as a service fee if the withdrawal amount is lower than $100 or withdrawal without trading volume since last deposit.

* The above fees do not include any fees that may be charged by any bank. The

Company reserves the right to modify and update the above arrangements at any time without notice.

06. What shall you notice to submit withdrawal request?

Please confirm your payment bank information before submitting your withdrawal. If you prefer the funds to be transferred another bank card, please amend the bank card information in advance and then submit your withdrawal request.

07. How to withdraw?

Login to “my ATFX”, click “withdraw”.

08. Can you register with someone else’s bank account?

The account must be registered with the client’s own account in order to ensure that the safety of the client’s funds is made under the International Money Laundering Prevention Ordinance.