1Trading Hours

The trading time is from 00:01 to 22:59. The time zone on the trading platform is set to GMT+2 (Greenwich Mean Time) or GMT+3 for Daylight Saving Time.

The transaction time for precious metals, crude oil and the index is different. Please refer to the product specifications on platforms for details on transaction time.

(2)Liquidation Policy

When margin level is equal to or less than 50%, it occurs stop out.


An interest will be imposed to the opening positions at 00:00 of platform time. For details of interests, please refer to the Specification in Market Watch.

4Spread Charge

Spreads are charged only when open the position successfully, and they vary with the quoted spreads by liquidity suppliers.

5Leverage from ATFX

We supply default of leverages:

FX Majors1:200
FX Minors1:200
FX Exotics1:50
Indices (Not included USDX)1:100
Shares CFDs1:20

(6)Calculation of Margin

FX Majors & Minors500 dollars/lot
Gold500 dollars/lot
Silver750 dollars/lot

Index/Oil/USDX used margin = opening price × contract unit × trading lot / leverage ratio

All the deposit will be immediately converted to US dollars for the platform currency is default as US dollars.

(7)Margin Requirement for Hedged Positions

The margin requirement for hedged positions is 50% of the total amount of margin.

(8)Server Address to Log In the Platform

Please choose ATFXGM server address: ATFXGM1.

(9)Order Execution Mode

We provide STP trading mode.

(10)Market Orders Execution

All market orders will be delivered to the market and executed at a tradable price offered by the market. After the orders are executed, the transaction information will be sent to the investor’s MT4 platform. Market Orders execution price is often influenced by the following factors:

  1. Whether the liquidity of the banks is sufficient.
  2. The market price may change rapidly.
  3. MT4 platform issues the transaction instruction to the company’s MT4 server.

(11) Service Reminder

There are four types of pending order: Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit and Sell Stop; Stop Loss and Take Profit will close the pending orders.

All orders are linked to the company’s instructions on the server, when the market price reaches the price of pending orders, the pending order will be triggered, transacted and executed as market orders. However, the pending orders cannot be guaranteed to execute as the original set price under any situation.

(12) Service Reminder

Customer Services hours are Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 00:00. (Time zone: GMT+8)

Our services are limited to help you understand market fundamentals and technical analysis. ATFX will not provide you with any form of trade advice. You trade on your own analysis and willingness.
If you choose to trade futures products, please know the expiration date of these products in advance so as not to cause unnecessary losses to you.

In any case our employees are not allowed to ask your account password. Please do not disclose your trading account and password to any third party.

(13) Contact Us

If you have any questions about trading accounts, product details, or our services, please contact us via our official website.