Market Volatility Notice

With global markets still sensitive to the impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, please be aware of that upcoming events might cause extreme volatility. Such things to look out for include the ADP National Employment Report (5 August, 2020), Bank of England interest rate decision (6 August, 2020) and the U.S. Non-Farm Payroll Report (7 August, 2020). All can cause significant risk of gapping, price fluctuation, insufficient liquidity and the widening of spreads.

We would advise clients to be aware of the risks involved over the coming period. Monitor both the market and your positions to ensure sufficient funds are available to cover open positions.

We are following developments closely and will take the necessary actions to protect our clients. Such actions may include increased margin requirements, widening of spreads, decreased leverage, etc. These actions can be taken at any time, including over the coming weekend.

Please feel free to contact us via if you have any questions.