ATFX Trading Schedule during Market Holidays in May 2020

Dear Clients,

Due to upcoming national holidays; Labor Day, UK May Day, Spring Bank Holiday and US Memorial Day, the following instruments are subject to change. Please refer to the table below for the trading schedule.

Labor Day

Indices1/5/2020 (Fri)4/5/2020 (Mon)
HK50Market ClosedNormal Trading
HKCH50Market ClosedNormal Trading
EU50Market ClosedNormal Trading
ESP35Market ClosedNormal Trading
FRA40Market ClosedNormal Trading
GER30Market ClosedNormal Trading
IT40Market ClosedNormal Trading
Stocks1/5/2020 (Fri)4/5/2020 (Mon)
German SharesMarket ClosedNormal Trading

UK May Day

Indices8/5/2020 (Fri)11/5/2020 (Mon)
UK100Market ClosedNormal Trading

US Memorial Day & UK Spring Bank Holiday

Products25/5/2020 (Mon)26/5/2020 (Tue)
ForexNormal TradingNormal Trading
MetalsEarly Closing at 20:00Normal Trading
CryptocurrenciesNormal TradingNormal Trading
Energies25/5/2020 (Mon)26/5/2020 (Tue)
USOIL FuturesEarly Closing at 20:00Normal Trading
USOIL SpotEarly Closing at 19:45Normal Trading
UKOIL FuturesEarly Closing at 20:30Normal Trading
UKOIL SpotEarly Closing at 19:45Normal Trading
US Natural Gas FuturesEarly Closing at 20:00Normal Trading
Stocks25/5/2020 (Mon)26/5/2020 (Tue)
US SharesMarket ClosedNormal Trading
German SharesNormal TradingNormal Trading
Indices25/5/2020 (Mon)26/5/2020 (Tue)
HK50Early Closing at 11:29Normal Trading
HKCH50Early Closing at 11:29Normal Trading
CHI50Normal TradingNormal Trading
AUS200Normal TradingNormal Trading
EU50Normal TradingNormal Trading
ESP35Normal TradingNormal Trading
FRA40Normal TradingNormal Trading
GER30Normal TradingNormal Trading
IT40Normal TradingNormal Trading
UK100Market ClosedNormal Trading
JP225Early Closing at 20:00Normal Trading
US30Early Closing at 20:00Normal Trading
NAS100Early Closing at 20:00Normal Trading
SPX500Early Closing at 20:00Normal Trading
USDX_JUN20Early Closing at 20:00Normal Trading

Noted: The times mentioned above are MT4 Server time GMT+3. The above schedule may be subject to change without prior notice.

Risk disclosure: Before and after long holidays there is often a lack of liquidity on all financial instruments. This may lead to the widening of spreads, potential gapping and creates uncertainty in the markets. We advise that all clients should closely monitor their account situation and make sure you have sufficient margin in your account at all times.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.