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Trade 50+ Hong Kong’s hottest stocks

Trade shares CFDs of the most popular listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Why Trade Shares CFDs with ATFX?

Zero Commission
ATFX offers zero commission when trading CFD shares. That, combined with zero bank fees charged on transactions results in more profitable trading.
Leverage 20:1
Gain full exposure with a relatively small deposit when you trade CFD stocks with ATFX.
Competitive Prices
We source our prices from multiple venues to ensure you get the best prices for CFD trading.
Trade Short and Long
Take up a long or short position when trading with CFDs and make potential gains from price movements.

Trade shares CFDs of Hong Kong’s 50+ listed companies

ATFX’s shares CFDs give you access to Hong Kong’s most popular public stocks. You can trade CFDs of 50+ such companies directly from your ATFX account. Get the best prices that mirror market prices and use the 20:1 leverage to trade larger positions than your account balance. One contract size is equal to 100 shares. Profit from the daily price swings in Hong Kong’s most liquid stocks.

Hong Kong Stocks Shares CFDs offered by ATFX

SymbolStock NameMinimum Spread
#HK0001CK Hutchison Holdings(CFD)0.08
#HK0002CLP Holdings Ltd(CFD)0.08
#HK0005HSBC Holdings(CFD)0.05
#HK0011Hang Seng Bank Ltd(CFD)0.15
#HK0012Henderson Land Development(CFD)0.05
#HK0016Sun Hung Kai Properties(CFD)0.15
#HK0017New World Development(CFD)0.05
#HK0019Swire Pacific Ltd(CFD)0.08
#HK0066MTR Corp(CFD)0.05
#HK0168Tsingtao Brewery CO Ltd(CFD)0.08
#HK0175Geely Automobile Holdings(CFD)0.05
#HK0241Ali Heath(CFD)0.05
#HK0291China Resources Beer Holdings(CFD)0.08
#HK0293Cathay Pacific Airways(CFD)0.05
#HK0322Tingyi HLDG Co(CFD)0.05
#HK0358Jiangxi Copper Co Ltd(CFD)0.05
#HK0388Hong Kong Exchanges and Clear(CFD)0.50
#HK0392Beijing Enterprise Holdings(CFD)0.05
#HK0489Dongfeng Motor GRP Co(CFD)0.05
#HK0656Fosun International(CFD)0.05
#HK0688China Overseas Land & Trust(CFD)0.05
#HK0700Tencent Holdings Ltd(CFD)0.60
#HK0763ZTE Corp(CFD)0.05
#HK0772China Literature Ltd.(CFD)0.08
#HK0813Shimao Property Holdings Ltd(CFD)0.05
#HK0868Xinyi Glass Holdings Ltd(CFD)0.05
#HK0881Zhongsheng Group Holdings(CFD)0.05
#HK0914Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd(CFD)0.05
#HK0939China Construction Bank(CFD)0.04
#HK0941China Mobile(CFD)0.08
#HK1024Kuaishou Technology(CFD)0.40
#HK1044Hengan Intl Group Co Ltd(CFD)0.08
#HK1088China Shenhua Energy Co(CFD)0.05
#HK1109China Resources Land Ltd(CFD)0.05
#HK1299AIA Group(CFD)0.15
#HK1658Postal Savings Bank of China(CFD)0.04
#HK1810Xiaomi Corp(CFD)0.08
#HK1876Budweiser Brewing Co APAC(CFD)0.05
#HK1918SUNAC China Holdings Ltd.(CFD)0.05
#HK1929Chow Tai Fook(CFD)0.04
#HK2020ANTA Sports Products Ltd.(CFD)0.20
#HK2318Ping An Insurance Group(CFD)0.15
#HK2319China MengNiu Dairy CO. Ltd(CFD)0.08
#HK2388BOC Hong Kong Holdings(CFD)0.05
#HK2628China Life Insurance(CFD)0.04
#HK3188China CSI 300 Index ETF(CFD)0.15
#HK3328Bank of Communications(CFD)0.04
#HK3333China Evergrande Group(CFD)0.05
#HK6618JD Health (CFD)0.20
#HK6862Hai Di Lao(CFD)0.10
#HK9633NongFu Spring(CFD)0.08
#HK9988Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (CFD)0.38

Trade HK Stocks CFDs in 3 Steps

1Open your account

Complete the Live Trading Account application form. Once we have verified identity, we will set up your account.

2Fund your account

Deposit funds from a credit card, E-Wallet or bank transfer to start trading.

3Start trading

Trade on every device, including PC, Android, iPad and iPhone or via web browser.

How do I trade CFD Shares with ATFX?

When trading a single CFD share there will be corporate actions enforced by the related company. An example of this is a cash dividend. If this has been issued then ATFX will adjust the client’s account accordingly. ATFX will take two actions:

Clients who hold BUY position(s) in a single share CFD on the ex-dividend date, will receive a positive cash amount which is equivalent to the dividend payout. (Deposits will be made into the client’s trading account according to their lot size and proportion of the dividend paying underlying securities).
Clients who hold SELL position(s) in a single share CFD on the ex-dividend date, will receive a cash amount which is equivalent to the dividend payout. (Withdrawal will be made from the client’s trading account according to their lot size and proportion of the dividend paying underlying securities.)

Adjustment Formula:
Number of shares * Dividend per share = Adjustment amount
(If client account is denominated in USD, the adjustment amount will be converted to USD according to the spot exchange rate)

Cash Dividend

For example, if Apple Inc. (AAPL) announces a $0.01 USD cash dividend to its shareholders. On the ex-dividend date, Apple Inc.’s share price would reflect the corporate action and would drop $0.01 in price. ATFX will make cash adjustments to clients who are holding open positions of the Apple Inc. CFD.

If an individual client of ATFX is holding 10,000 shares of BUY positions, the cash adjustment will be calculated using the following equation:

10,000 share CFDs x 0.01USD = 100USD cash dividend
(Note: If a client is holding 10,000 shares of SELL positions, ATFX will deduct 100USD from the client’s account.)

Share Split or Reserve Share Split

If a company announces a share split or reserve share split, the company’s share price will be subject to significant change.

Reserve Share Split: CFD price will increase
Share Split: CFD price will decrease

Open positions of the Apple Inc CFD. Should this not just say ‘clients who are holding open positions of the relevant CFD?’

However, a single share CFD will also be affected by corporate action, which may occur when the listed company initiates any business changes Like a share split, reserve share split, or a dividend payout, etc., and as a result may affect the company’s financial position, its share price performance, and the interests of shareholders.


A listed company will announce its earnings reports semi-annually (or quarterly). Dividends are subject to approval by a company’s board of directors, and It’s a distribution of a company’s earnings to a specified class of its shareholders. Generally, dividends will be issued in the form of cash dividends or share dividends.

Ex-dividend Date

An ex-dividend is a share trading term that specifies when a declared dividend is owned by the buyer, as opposed to the seller. If an individual buys a share before the ex-dividend day, he or she is then entitled to receive a dividend. If an individual buys a share on or after the ex-dividend date, the buyer no longer had the right to receive the dividend.


The Firm has taken the decision to cease providing services to retail clients, with immediate effect. We are therefore unable to accept any applications.

Services to professional clients will not be impacted. For professional applications please contact [email protected]