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Crude Oil CFDs Trading

ATFX offers WTI as energy product on its online trading platform with competitive spreads, high quality trade execution, and 24/5 support. 

Why trade Crude Oil with ATFX?

An Industry Essential

Crude oil has superb physical and chemical features. Other than its nature of being a source of energy, its industrial features are widely applied on national economic and in a number of different sectors.

Strategic Position
As crude oil is an uncommon commodity, its price may be greatly affected (volatile) by geopolitical, economic positioning and military situations.
Enormous Trading Volume
Due to global economic development and increasing demand for energy, crude oil has long been considered the king of commodity trading, and is recognized as the product with the world’s largest trading volumes.
Crude Oil’s History
A look at the history of oil pricing, such as WTI crude, shows the commodity has been subject to regular price movements. There are significant opportunities for investors who understand the fundamental factors that affect the market.

Products of Crude Oil offered by ATFX

Products Product Names
US WTI Crude Oil Spot
UK BRENT Crude Oil Spot

What is Crude Oil CFDs Trading?

Crude oil is also known as petroleum or black gold. Unprocessed petroleum, directly taken from oil rigs and drilling platforms is called crude oil, which is mainly a dark brown or dark green viscous fluid, or a semi-solid combustible matter comprised of various of hydrocarbons.

Crude oil investment refers to earning from the difference between the buying and selling of crude oil barrel price fluctuations on the international markets as a virtual trade, or as a Contract for Difference.

Why Trade Crude Oil CFDs with ATFX?

Trading Crude Oil with ATFX is secure and convenient. Trade anywhere from your mobile, tablet or desktop device, effortlessly managing your account and trading online using the award winning MT4 platform. You can automate your trading strategies with the MT4 EAs, allowing you to make the most of market opportunities without needing to personally monitor the markets constantly.

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