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ATFX Attends London Summit as Fintech Pioneer in Financial Service Industry

The Finance Magnates London Summit took place between 21-23 November 2022 at the Old Billingsgate, London, UK. The event attracted significant attention from global media houses. ATFX sponsored and attended the London summit with its sister brand ATFX Connect to discuss ways to promote financial innovation and development with the world’s best fintech brains and industry leaders. Hosted by Finance Magnates, the summit was a premier conference renowned for generating thought-provoking ideas within the financial services, digital assets, payments and fintech sectors. This year’s summit has attracted 3,500+ attendees, 130+ speakers and 150+ exhibitors.

At the ATFX booth, attendees would get all the conference details at a glance. The intricately designed content briefs using cutting-edge technology contain insights from our analysts after an exhaustive analysis of the financial services industry and critical subjects, including fintech. Besides, ATFX UK delegation intends to share ideas with the attendees and other participants at the summit, with the vision of shaping the future of the fintech industry via breakthroughs in relevant services.

atfx london summit fintech pioneer team

Senior executives from leading firms in sectors such as banking, blockchain and financial payments technology were set to enjoy the conference for three whole days. It should be noted that Wei Qiang Zhang, the Managing Director of ATFX (UK), has also been invited to join other industry leaders in a top-level discussion during the summit.

Seizing the opportunity for fintech innovation during the summit, ATFX will dig deep into investors’ requirements, and pool together resources crucial for fintech development at a faster pace. This will allow it to serve more customers using state-of-the-art technology in the industry. ATFX will also fully use its achievements in fintech innovation to expand the range of finance + technology + service possibilities to meet and exceed its customers’ requirements.

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