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ATFX Awarded ‘2022 Best LATAM Region Broker’

atfx-2022-best-latam-region-broker (1)

ADVFN recently disclosed the winners of the International Financial Awards 2022. By virtue of its industry-leading technology and service, ATFX was awarded the “2022 Best LATAM Region Broker”, another testament to its leading position in the FX industry. Having won accolades such as the “2019 Best Customer Service”, the “2020 Best Online Trading Services”, and the “2021 Best LATAM Region Broker”, ATFX has been recognized by ADVFN for four consecutive years.

The ADVFN International Financial Awards recognize and celebrate the best of breed products and services across the traditional finance and Fintech industries. ATFX has established itself with burgeoning influence through continuous effort on its service provision underpinned by local teams, market-oriented fintech development, and the stabilization of its trading platform in the last four years. These efforts have allowed ATFX to rank among the world’s best brokers in a relatively short period.

ATFX has paid consistent attention to the Latin American market after making the crucial move to expand its global presence by venturing into the LATAM financial market in 2019. Later in August 2019, ATFX announced the opening of a new office in Mexico. Furthermore, in 2021, ATFX rolled out its social trading APP in Latin America known as ATFX TeamUp, which offers user-defined and customized functions to LATAM traders.

Meanwhile, ATFX did not spare any efforts in its global investor education efforts. The broker has an industry-leading team of analysts who deliver regular forward-looking and timely market news based on a global perspective. This February, ATFX held the Colombia Summit at the World Trade Center in Bogota, Colombia, South America. The one-day event received significant acclaim from local investors.

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