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Stocks show signs of recovery as Russia-Ukraine calls for peace talks: A good time to buy stocks?

The Global stock market that hitherto plunged toward lower prices following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military assault on Ukraine, in addition to an onslaught of Western-led sanctions that has cut off several Russian banks from the SWIFT payment network. Russian aviation restrictions and the state media deterring the country’s central bank from deploying its $630bn in foreign reserves is now beginning to bear fruit as we observed signs of recovery over Russia-Ukraine call for peace talks at Belarus.


Topping the lists are the US and Asian stocks regaining grounds since the beginning of this new week and month of March, especially as investors paused to take stock of the conflict in Ukraine following inconclusive talks between Moscow and Kyiv and expected further meeting of the two countries president at Belarus to determine the way forward as to end the war if agreed upon.


Reacting to an expected positive outcome which is still a probability, the Asian equity markets have rebounded after the sharp fall in the past few trading days. This does not in any way suppose investors are back to risk-on mode, but mere expectations for a peaceful resolution of the current crisis.


At present, the US economy seems the most unaffected by the current crisis as investors have been embracing the dollar and dumping Euro hence the gradual return of interest on the US stocks.


Nevertheless, the Asian Stock Market has never been favored by the Ukraine Crisis as the significant investors come mainly from these two countries who have been panic selling and diverting their wealth into gold and crude oil as the safe haven.


However, for the foreseeable future likely, the Russia-Ukraine crisis will likely continue to dominate markets until a peaceful resolution is reached.


The Russian’s statement recently that it will not pay coupons on its government debt to international holders could send investors even farther into safe-haven assets.


The dollar index and gold price are still elevated, meaning the demand for safe havens is obvious. Of course, the first round of talks between Ukraine and Russia do not offer any significant escalation with ongoing bombing activities, meaning the risks of more sanctions will prevail, and commodity prices can climb further.”


What are the best stocks to buy now?

Ten of the most promising US stocks are recommended for beginners based on their large expansions and advancements today. These stocks have been fairly stable amid the crisis and quick to recover. Below is the list of such stocks:

The Top 10 US stocks to buy today at low prices below $300:

The following is a list of the top 10 US stocks that beginners should consider based on their recent expansions and advancements. These stocks have been relatively stable amid the crisis and quick to recover.

  • Dropbox Inc.- $22.77
  • AMC Entertainment Holdings – $18.52
  • Uber Technologies Inc. – $34.04
  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. – $105.42
  • Facebook – $208.11
  • Squarespace Inc. – $27.76
  • Compass Pathways Plc. – $14.52
  • Spotify Technology SA – 148.48
  • Twitter Inc. – $34.62
  • American Airlines Group Inc. -$16.37


**market prices are as of 3 Mar 2022**


For Asian stocks, the following stocks look very promising with lower prices for investors to buy:

  • HK0001 (CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.)
  • HK0002 (CLP Holdings Ltd.)
  • HK0005 (HSBC Holdings Plc.)
  • HK0011 (Hang Seng Bank Ltd.)
  • HK0017 (New World Development Company Ltd.)
  • HK0939 (China Construction Bank Corp.) 
  • HK1658 (Postal Saving Bank of China Co. Ltd.) 
  • HK0388 (Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Ltd.)


These stocks can easily be traded as CFDs in the short term.

Start your stock trading journey now: https://www.atfx.com/en/markets/shares-trading

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